Bumi Sudha Rituals Meant to Return the Balance of Nature

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Illustration of ritual parade
Illustration of Hindu ritual parade.

RESPONDING to the natural conditions and changes in the sasih kenem or sixth month in Balinese calendar system having the potential result in various disasters, diseases and viruses, it is considered necessary to address the Pemarisudha through Sekala (the physical) and Niskala (the psychical) world.

The Pemarisudha Niskala ceremony is carried out in accordance with the instructions of the Babad Dewa chronicle and the results of the meeting organized by higher priests of Bali Province on December 16, 2009. The meeting decided to carry out the Bhumi Sudha ceremony every new moon of the Sasih Kanem (December).

For the year 2020, the implementation of Bumi Sudha ritual fell on the new moon of the sixth moon in the Balinese calendar system or coinciding with Soma Umanis Bala or Monday (Dec. 14). The main ceremony was held in three different locations, namely the Pengubengan Temple of Besakih (Karangasem), Ulun Danu Batur Temple (Bangli) as well as Segara Watu Klotok Temple (Klungkung). Holy water from these temples was then distributed to representatives of customary villages from all districts and municipality throughout Bali.

Bumi Sudha ritual actually aims to purify the universe with its contents, including temple shrines and humans from negative elements so as to become positive, that ultimately make the ecosystem balance occur.

This ritual is implemented to all customary villages across Bali chiefly at their village trinity temples. Meanwhile, each family organizes the ceremony in the merajan family temple, house courtyard and in front of house compound, right at the entrance. The offerings are presented to God, ancestral souls and unseen lower living beings (butha). Hopefully, with this Balinese ritual, the world of sekala and niskala will get its harmony.

With such harmony of natural ecosystem, living beings of the entire world will be able to live prosperously and attain harmony of physical and psychical world. In addition, the ritual is also intended to neutralize bad human traits, such as emotion, individualism, jealousy and hatred with someone.


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