Lion Dance and Barongsai Jazz Up Chinese New Year Festival

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Lion Dance
Lion Dance jazzed up the Joint Chinese New Year Festival 2574 in Denpasar City on January 28-29, 2023. (Image: Allabali)

After the rain subsided even though it was still a little drizzling around 16:00, the first day of the Joint Chinese New Year Festival at Puputan Badung Square which took place on January 28-29 began.

Visitors to the Chinese New Year Festival have started to arrive and flock to the location, especially around the stage from all over the field. Some of them even still put on raincoats considering the weather conditions could change instantly.

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They were very enthusiastic to witness the cultural event in the form of the Joint Chinese New Year Festival because it was enlivened by various attractions. Among them were Barong Landung, barong ket, lion dance, figures in the Journey to the West TV series like Sun Go Kong, Wu Ching along with their teachers and friends. The opportunity was taken advantage by visitors to pose together. Similarly, there were ethnic group arts of the archipelago such as Reog Ponorogo of East Java and others

Foreign tourists also mingled with local visitors so they could witness interesting attractions and took enchanting photos such as a typical Chinese fashion show with exotic accessories in the form of colorful fans or umbrellas.

Barongsai and lion dance performances were held in front of the stage so that they could express themselves freely. The lion dance jumped deftly and dynamically. While the lions were wriggling so full of beauty that all eyes were on them.

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