Rice Cone to Cheer Up Birthday Celebration  

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Yellow rice cone
Yellow rice cone (Image: Mufid Majnun on Pixabay)

BECOMING an island destination, Bali does not only serve local foods, but also introduces an exciting culinary journey which explores internationally renowned Indonesian foods. The island resembles a melting pot of Indonesian foods as many diaspora from across the archipelago lives in Bali that bring along their culinary treasures.

Aside from their distinctive foods, they also share similarities. One of them is the rice cone or nasi tumpeng which has deeply rooted in each tradition. It is frequently used to fill in particular customary celebrations.

If you happen to get bored with cakes to celebrate your momentous moment such as birthday, why you do not try nasi tumpeng? You can take advantage of this distinguished tradition to give different nuance for your birthday. The serving of cakes and its accompaniment may have been quite familiar as you have done it again and again. Well, if you want to celebrate it differently, you can cross-check first to your hotel in Bali and ask whether it can serve nasi tumpeng for birthday celebration.

What is nasi tumpeng? It is white or yellow steamed rice shaped conically and then served with various side dishes (Indonesian food). This serving is quite common in Indonesia. Almost all traditions across the archipelago have this rice cone delicacy. To make the rice cone, the yellow rice is put into conical mold which is pressed again and again to make it dense. After that, it is carefully placed on a container where to put all the side dishes next.

Function of rice cone

In some traditions across the archipelago of Indonesia, rice cone or nasi tumpeng is functioned to express gratitude for particular lifecycle rites as well as celebrate individual or company anniversary. After the celebration, it can be distributed to all attendants to be enjoyed. Thus, it will also maintain social relationship through the communal meals.

What side dishes are they?

To make it look artistic, the rice cone for birthday is also embellished with garnish such as decorations made from cucumber, tomato, carrot and strong beans. Additionally, the rice cone is surrounded by a variety of side dishes. They are consisting of fried tempeh and potato, halved-boiled eggs, fried chicken and noodles.

Surely, this will bring in new experience for you. After celebrating your birthday or wedding anniversary, you will also be able to enjoy the richness of Indonesian food presented through beautiful rice cone. Ultimately, your journey to find delights through Indonesian food gives new and unforgettable experience.


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