Once Upon a Time, Taste Nasi Campur in Bali

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Balinese mixed rice
Nasi Campur or Mixed Rice. (Photo: Sorcel/ Pixabay)

EACH region you visit certainly have its own distinctive food. Similarly, when you are on vacation to Indonesia like the Island of the Gods, do not forget to try one of the favorite dishes, namely the Nasi Campur Bali or mixed rice.

Nasi Campur Bali is a simple Balinese dish that is offered at an affordable price and is widely available in street side warungs or food stalls as well as most restaurants across the island.

What are the contents?

Usually, Balinese mixed rice consists of white rice served with various traditional side dishes, such as shredded chicken, chicken satay (sate lilit), and Balinese vegetables (urab) as well as seasoned boiled eggs. To add to the taste, it is usually served with raw condiment (sambal matah) or chili condiment which is famous for its spicy touch.

In the meantime, the complete package edition of this mixed rice is actually very similar to the home-made menu. By all means, a mixed rice package consisting of Steamed White (Red) Rice, Balinese Satay, Chicken Pepes, Chicken Lawar, Water spinach in plecing sauce, Boiled Egg as well as fried peanuts.

Each chef may have different ideas and creativity so that even Balinese mixed rice can have various contents. Maybe it is meant as a differentiation point from the others or the chef wants to add something so that the taste gets different. There are also those who add torch ginger condiment to make it fresher.

So, don’t forget to pamper yourself with Balinese flavors made based on healthy recipe. It’s cheap, tastes good and surely enriches your culinary experience in Bali!

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