Honey Grilled Chicken Offers Spicy Flavor

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Honey Grilled Chicken
Honey grilled chicken.

NATURE has prepared the ingredients while human makes it perfect with the addition of flavor. With this combination, good and delicious food can be prepared. Grilled chicken dish, for instance, may have been so familiar and popular. However, this one will surely give a surprise as it provides different flavor.

Its name is Honey Grilled Chicken. The chicken itself passes through twice processes, namely the cooking with various spices to make the spices can be really absorbed by chicken. After that, it is resumed with grilling and smearing of spices (having been added with palm sugar and honey).

This menu is served with two condiments, namely hot chili and raw condiment made from lemongrass, shallot and chilies. As vegetable, it is added with slices of cucumber and cabbage.  Serving of this Honey Grilled Chicken results in sweet and spicy flavor.

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