Tirtagangga, the Ultimate Waterpark in Karangasem

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Tirtagangga waterpark, Bali
Tirtagangga waterpark in Karangasem. (Photo: Klaus Schrodt/Pixabay)

ESCAPE to the revitalizing sanctuary that offers illustrious architecture and breathtaking outdoor landscapes in distinctive enclaves. When making a visit to Bali, you can consider to visit the Tirtagangga waterpark in Karangasem, Eastern Bali.

The Tirta Gangga Bali tourist attraction is located at Ababi Village, Abang subdistrict. When you are staying at Kuta tourist resort or surrounding areas, it will take you around 2 hours and 30 minutes by vehicle to this object.

Natural condition of this tourist object in Eastern Bali is very cool because it is peacefully located at the foot of Mount Agung. The beauty and coolness of this location makes many visitors omfortable and feel at home to linger. Besides, the serenity and peace offerred by this place is perfect for unwinding and relieving fatigue from the tiring activities of life.

Three main elements in this tourist attraction in Karangasem are gardens, pond and statues. Tirta Gangga Park is located in the middle of a rice field area and the water in this park comes from Rejasa spring. This park still belongs to the Karangasem kingdom.

Tirtagangga Park spreads in the area of 1.2 hectares that extends and stretches from east to west. Buildings in the Tirtagangga Bali waterpark have three levels. In the tallest building, there is a spring under the banyan tree. The second level building has a swimming pool and the lowest building has a decorative pool with a fountain.

When tourists enter the Tirtagangga Park, the destination of Bali, the first thing they will see is a stretch of pond and a towering temple sitting on the right. In the pond, tourists can see ornamental fish and the bottom of the pond. The water in this park is very clear and cool because the pond water comes from springs, not processed water. The spring at Tirtagangga Park is considered to be holy water and local people use for the need of religious ceremonies in the area around the Tirtagangga Park.


The name of the Tirta Gangga comes from the word Tirta which means ‘holy water’ and Ganga (the Ganges) which means the name of a river in India. So, it can be literally interpreted as ‘the holy water from the Ganges.’ The Tirtagangga Karangasem Waterpark was built in 1946 by the king of Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem Agung.

The complex of Tirta Gangga Park was previously destroyed by the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963. After that, the Karangasem district government rebuilt the park and designated it into a tourist area.

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