The Blooms Garden Bedugul Comes with Various Selfie Spots

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Barong spot
Barong spot at The Blooms Garden Bedugul, Tabanan.

THE Blooms Garden is a new tourist destination located in the Bedugul area, precisely Banjar Batusesa, Candikuning. This park is obsessed with becoming the largest flower recreation park in Bali with a garden area of ​​4.5 hectares.

This park adapts the concept of gardens in the ASEAN region and combines the treasures of flowers endemic to Indonesia and other ASEAN regions. It is hoped that this spot can also be a means of education for every visitor because this object combines a collection of various flower plants and elements of local culture framed in the beauty of Balinese and modern architecture.

The Blooms Garden Bedugul offers several magnificent spots to visit and be used as selfie objects, such as the following ones. Make the most of your visit.

Oval Garden

As the name suggests, the oval garden at The Blooms Garden is an oval-shaped garden that symbolizes hospitality, friendship and family. Well, in this oval garden there are many flowers that have meanings related to the symbols above such as daisies (holiness), begonias (love) and some other flowers.

Love Garden

This flower garden in Tabanan is marked by the presence of a symbol of love decorated with flowers that give the feel of romance and warmth. Here, there are stage flowers, red kana and Bali begonias.

Dutch Garden

In the Dutch Garden, visitors can feel the nuances of the Netherlands because of the presence of two typical Dutch windmill buildings among the beautiful flowers.

Goddess Danu Garden

Goddess Danu Garden became the mascot of The Blooms Garden. Philosophically, Goddess Danu symbolizes the fertility of all types of plants and represents the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple located in Bedugul Bali.

Peacock Garden

The head of a peacock is strung together with eleven peacock tails in the form of a garden filled with various kinds of flowers.

In addition to the beauty above, there are still corners of the garden that are a pity to be missed when visiting. Take as many photos as possible to enrich your album and status on social media.

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