Bangli, the Cool Town in Eastern Bali

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Bangli Square
Bangli Square with the background of Mt. Agung can be a destination of recreation for town residents. (Image: Allabali_

BANGLI is cool-aired town in the eastern region of the Island of the Gods and has a number of unique as well as wonderful historical and cultural attractions

Bangli District, one of nine districts/cities in Bali, is bordered with Klungkung District in the East, Buleleng in the North, Gianyar in the South as well as Gianyar and Badung in the West. Since it sits in the highlands, the air feels cool.

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Bangli is the only district in Bali which is not directly adjacent to the sea or does not have a beach. However, Bangli has Lake Batur along with its beautiful Mount Batur.

Regarding altitude, Bangli is the highest city, which is perched 425 meters above sea level, so it is natural if the air feels cold. Meanwhile, Gianyar town lies 126 meters and Tabanan town on 124 meters above sea level.

The Bangli town is also the only location for a psychiatric hospital of the Bali Province. Apart from providing medical treatment, the hospital also applies cultural approach to mental health patients treated here through involvement in various Balinese cultural activities such as yoga, gamelan music, painting, singing ballads and so on.

City infrastructure

Kidul Market is a traditional market as an infrastructure for supporting Bangli town located near the town roundabout. This market provides daily needs as well as a place for buying and selling agricultural products from Bangli farmers such as vegetables and fruits.


The town of Bangli also has a cool square inaugurated on January 12, 2022. Located in front of the Bangli Regent’s Office, this square stretches over a stretch of land of around 2.2 hectares.

Apart from being a venue for district government official events, this square can be a recreation destination for Bangli town residents and the surrounding community. Here, they can take a leisurely walk while breathing fresh air in the morning and afternoon and take selfies at several Instagrammable spots and park objects.

Even though it is in the middle of Bangli town, this square also has a beautiful scenic backdrop, namely Mount Agung in the northeast. When the weather is clear, the mountain is clearly visible (as shown in the picture).

For the convenience of the user community or visitors, the Bangli square is also equipped with a number of supporting facilities such as a volleyball court, basketball court, tennis court, food court, skate board, northern stage, playground to therapy for the elderly and lactation.

So, should you also want to enjoy or see up close the beauty of this Bangli square, take the time to stop by on your way to visit the Penglipuran or Penelokan traditional tourism villages, Mount Batur Geopark Museum, Lake Batur or Trunyan Traditional Village, Kintamani.


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