Frog Water Feature, Take Closer to Nature

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Frog water feature
Frog water feature

GORGEOUS and tranquil garden is attractive to see and soothes the mind. However, it may not be enough. When it is enriched with natural sound, it will toss our imagination to get closer to nature. The sound of water, for instance, will generate an imagination of a pond, small creek and so forth.

When this sound is brought to home, we can get closer to nature at all times. Other than private home, this water feature is widely applied to tourist accommodations. Appealing plants with nice flowers and the water features will pamper our senses while unwinding or releasing tension after working hard. It does not necessarily need to be built in a spacious area. It can also be made at narrow space at the corner around us.

By taking an amphibian animal like frog, the element of the water feature will really fit with nature. As seen on the picture, the designer seems quite smart to choose it as a medium in order to support the idea. Connecting the water flow to its mouth makes it look like a living frog that plays with water. Quite a few villas and hotels in Bali take advantage of this ornament to give natural accent to their garden.

This frog statue is widely made in Bali and can be found at shops selling the landscape ornament. It is made from sandstone or rock. With the background of ornamental tile, this work of art ultimately results in a shooting ambience and cool garden.

Do not make mistake, not all statue shops in Bali sell this kind of ornamental element. Some shops only sell statues intended for temple and shrine paraphernalia. By and large, most statues sold here take the theme of gods and animals in Hindu mythologies.

However, do not worry as the statues for outdoor garden can easily be found around the tourist areas such as Kerobokan, Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai Tuban, Sanur and Batubulan. Moreover, many variants can be found at these locations. There is also water feature designed like multi-tiered showers.

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