Catur Muka Statue, Zero Point of Denpasar

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Catur Muka Statue
Catur Muka Statue

VIBRANT impression as the capital of Bali Province is visible on Denpasar. Bustling activities take place around the clock. By all means, it happens because it has become the center of business, education and cultural activities.  Its pulse only reduces for a while at night.

Visitors may want to know where the center of Denpasar is. From the story book or explanation of your tour guide, it is clearly known if the heart of Denpasar lies in the northeast of the Denpasar Mayor’s office, precisely at the Catur Muka statue. There sits a four-faced statue depicted the Lord Brahma as Creator of the universe. It was inspired by his appearance in the renowned epic of Mahabharata.

Created by a team lead in person by I Gusti Nyoman Lempad in 1973 from Ubud, the Catur Muka statue has now become the hallmark of Denpasar. It stands right in the central point of four-way intersection or zero point of Denpasar. Southwards is Jalan Udayana, westwards Jalan Gajah Mada, northward Jalan Veteran and eastward Jalan Surapati.

Last year, the statue and its landscaping garden got refurbishment. After that, the pond at pedestal of the statue is equipped with some fountains. To enhance the appearance of the statue and its garden, the artistic fountain springs water in different rhythm, so it shows a gradation of fountain water when it springs. Height of the water reaches 9-10 meters as high as the height of the statue itself.

From this heart of Denpasar, it is in close proximity to Puputan Badung Square, Bali Museum, Jagatnatha Temple, Jayasaba Building, mayor’s office, Badung Market, Kumbasari art market, Satria Bird Market and Satria Royal Palace.

Uniquely, this area hosts annual Denpasar Festival, an agenda intended to welcome and celebrate the New Year. During which visitors can have a promenade in the area as all traffic flows are closed, while the one from Jalan Udayana leading to Jalan Surapati remains open.

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