Penelokan Point to See Splendor of Mount Batur

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View of Mount Batur
Mount Batur (Image by Kolibri5 on Pixabay)

PENELOKAN, one of the villages in Kintamani, is now a favorite destination in Bangli District, about 58 km from Denpasar. This area has cool air because it is located at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level.

Literally, the word Penelokan comes from the Balinese language which means ‘a place to see.’  From the name, this is definitely an exciting destination to visit because of offering the main attraction in the form of alluring views of Mount Batur and Lake Batur. More uniquely, the peak of Mount Batur is not too high, or looks almost the same as the plains in Penelokan.

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Historically, it is said that Penelokan Kintamani Village was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Batur in 1917. Right now, the traces of the eruption can still be seen in the black-looking area around the mountain and so can the lava stones.

Tourist facilities

Several restaurants can be easily found in the Penelokan area with views of Mount Batur and Lake Batur from a distance. Of course, this is the right place to enjoy the beauty of Penelokan while sipping coffee or having lunch.

What to do?

From this Penelokan area, you can continue to visit several destinations with various tourist attractions to maximize your visit.

  1. Climbing Mount Batur: Climbers can see delightful scenery of the surrounding area and watch the sunrise. In addition, climbers can also see the beauty of the Batur caldera.
  2. Toya Bungkah Hot Spring: Visitors can soak and enjoy the sensation of the warmth of natural hot springs which have helpful properties for those who have problems with skin.
  3. Batur Volcano Museum: This Museum was established to enrich public knowledge about volcanoes in Indonesia, especially Mount Batur. It collects various types of rocks from volcanoes and their descriptions as well as some of the tools used by scientists to study volcanoes. In addition, in this museum visitors can watch documentaries about the development of Mount Batur and the history of its massive eruption.
  4. Terunyan Village: This ancient village have a unique tradition where corpses are not buried, but placed on a graveyard under trees located far from the village. No properties at the cemetery can be taken away. Pursuant to local belief, breaches may result in hazards or unlucky things.
  5. Cycling and trekking adventure: Visitors can explore the natural beauty of Kintamani and its surroundings through pleasant adventure as well as good exercise so as the body stays in prime condition.
  6. Typical Kintamani cuisines: Visitors can enjoy local delicacies made from gourami or tilapia and the like which are cultivated in Lake Batur. There are satay and nyatnyat gourami as well as other Indonesian dishes.
  7. Penglipuran Village: This tourism village can be visited on the way home. It offers a unique village layout, amazing house architecture and made eco-friendly materials and several other unique features.  No cars or motorbikes are allowed to pass in the main street of the village. Another local wisdom is regarding polygamy. Those practicing this should stay away from the main village area, at special plot. So far, it remains vacant.

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