Gianyar Square Garden Comes with Lovely Look

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The Pandavas Statue
The Pandavas Statue at Gianyar Square Garden.
  • GIANYAR better known for its art products now has a beautiful square garden named the Alun-Alun Gianyar.
  • Main function of the square is to host official government ceremonies and related events of the Gianyar Government. Well, beyond these activities, it is also used for leisure such as fun walk and family recreation

Gianyar town in Bali now has a marvelous square garden. The Astina Public Square, which is located in front of Gianyar Grand Palace, has been creatively transformed into a wonderful park and will tempt anyone passing by to stop by.

The entrance gate of the Gianyar Square Garden made from red brick gate, like ancient royal palace, in the north side of the square looks very majestic and sturdy. In front of it, there is a large courtyard with ornaments in the form of a terraced water pool and tamarind trees on the right and left side, adding to the comfortable atmosphere for relaxing with family.

To the right of the entrance, there is a sign in the form of red writing that reads ‘Alun-Alun Gianyar’ meaning the Square of Gianyar and above it is also accompanied by Balinese scripts. This is also an effort to preserve the Balinese culture, particularly its language and characters.

The allure of the square is getting more complete as being embellished with artistic element in the form of a statue of Balinese drummer with a dynamic movement gesture flanking the water feature both on the left and the right. Well, the main statue in the background of the entrance is a statue of the Pandavas, where each of which carries their own superior weapon. These white statues are fitted with white and yellow cloth.

Moreover, the edge of the square is also decorated with a beautiful garden. For example, there is a multilevel water feature where the water comes out of three small barrels and the last shower falls into the pool. The scene is further enhanced by the cycas palm. With assurance, visitors will feel at home taking pictures in this Gianyar square.

The presence of Gianyar Square Park has become a new destination in Gianyar for the community and tourists. Apart from exercising such as taking a leisurely walk, they can also have recreation with their family, friends or partner.

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