Bali Island: A Destination to Escape from Daily Hustles

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Bali Island Tours
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BLISSFUL holiday will probably be able to slow down the rhythm of your stressful daily activities. So, make your time to plan a holiday with your beloved one or family. Hopefully, after that you can gain new vivacity for innovative inspiration and ideas.

If you wish to experience authentic and native cultures, it is not mistaken to choose Bali as your next holiday destination. This bijou island among the archipelago of Indonesia, often dubbed as the Island of the Gods, offers various attractions to see or enjoy.

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Do not only read in the books or be told by others. Simply come in person and explore the uniqueness it has to offer. Aside from beautiful and pristine nature, Balinese people have several noble cultural heritages. They include ancient temples, thousand-year-old subak (irrigation cooperative) organization, and high end arts. The latest include traditional dance and music, painting, handicraft and some distinctive traditions.

What to see in Bali? Local people serve you with daily performances like Barong & Kris (in the morning) Kecak Dance (twilight time) or Fire Dance. A wide range of marine sports are awaiting you to feel the challenge and so are whitewater rafting adventures in Ayung River (Ubud) or Telaga Waja River (Karangasem).

Balinese life (with Hindu in majority) and development is based on Tri Hita Karana (three causes of happiness) where people at all times attempt to maintain harmony between human and the Creator (Parhyangan), human and fellow humans (Pawongan) and human and the environment (Palemahan). Bali can be said is inhabited by people of various ethnicities from across Indonesia and the interfaith life co-exists peacefully with high tolerance and mutual respect.

The island still preserves some traditional villages across the island such as Tenganan Pegringsingan with unique tradition and eco-friendly textile making (Karangasem), Penglipuran with typical rural settlement in terms of uniformed building architecture (Bangli) and Trunyan where people do not bury their corpse but laid down on the cemetery at isolated location.

When making a visit to Bali, do not miss the opportunity to luxuriate in the local delicacies like seafood treasure of Jimbaran, roasted suckling pig of Ubud, lawar (minced meat with vegetables) and others.

If you want further information about tour or MICE packages, hotel voucher and other tourism-related products, simply contact Putra Bali Rahayu Tours & Travel. Armed with a wealth of experiences and skilled staff, your holiday, adventure or event in Bali will leave an unforgettable experience. (Adv)

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