The Stilt Games Still Played by Teenagers

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Stilt games are being tried before the competition.

In the midst of the trend of modern digital-based games, it is hoped that some of the existing traditional games will not experience extinction. This year, in a series of the 44th Bali Arts Festival (BAF), they are given the portion to compete.

One of them is the game of stilts. The stilts which is also known as tajog in Bali is contested at the BAF event at the East Side of Puputan Margarana Field, Renon, Saturday (Jun 25). The participants consisted of school children from several districts such as Badung, Denpasar Municipality, Bangli and Tabanan.


The stilt game uses a pair of bamboo blades to walk. The shape is as simple as a bamboo stick, which is then attached to a wooden pedestal or footrest.

Basically, how to play this stilt is quite simple. Players simply climb the bamboo stick by standing on a wooden foot. After that, players walk using stilt legs but still have to maintain balance.


Stilt games have many benefits such as training in self-control, focus and increasing self-confidence for teenagers. In addition, it can also be used for attractions and entertainment for all ages.

In terms of physical exercise, playing stilts can help increase muscle strength in the legs, abdomen, legs, arms, hands as well as can train body balance and flexibility.

Tool notes

Some bamboo stilts can break or split easily. By and large, this happens on sticks with wooden steps that are installed between the two segments because of the strong impact of the footing (especially because of heavy players). Therefore, the footing should be installed just above the bamboo segment so that it becomes stronger. Or alternatively, sticks are entirely made of wood instead of bamboo.

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