Rejang Renteng Dance Welcomes Deities to Ritual Venue

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Rejang Renteng Dance
Rejang Renteng Dance (Image by Mikhsan on Pixabay)

Rejang Renteng dance is one of rejang dances which is classified as a Balinese sacred dance. Usually it is staged in a series of dewa yadnya ceremonies such as piodalan or temple festival. Therefore, this dance cannot be contested or performed for commercial purposes.


This dance is thought to have existed around 1930, but its choreographer is unknown. This dance was then developed by the Cultural Service of the Province of Bali in 1999 by taking inspiration from the Renteng dance in Banjar Adat Saren, Mujaning Tembeling Village, Nusa Gede.

Currently, this dance is developing in several villages across Bali and is danced by groups of women.

One of the goals of developing this dance is to preserve ancestral customs and culture. In addition, it is also to add to the treasures of sacred dances related to the implementation of Dewa Yadnya ceremonies such as the Rejang Dewa dance performed by girls.


In general, the Rejang Dance symbolizes a group of angel who came down to earth to welcome and guide Ida Bhatara (deities) at the self-purification ceremony in the yadnya ceremony held.

Dance movement

The movement of mendet or welcoming is the initial movement of the Rejang Renteng dance, and this is repeated. They dance facing the direction of the shrines, where the gods descend to earth.

This dance movement resembles a straight back floor pattern with an odd number of rejang dancers. After that, they turn in a circle with simple movements that are repeated again and again until the last one goes to the outer courtyard of the temple.

Costumes and props

The costumes used by the Rejang Renteng dancers consist of a white kebaya, a plain yellow scarf and a yellow Cepuk woven cloth.

Ultimately, the properties used consist of plain sasakan, pusung tagel bun in the Rejang Renteng dance means that the dancers are married, frangipani flowers and earrings.


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