Fishing and Leisure Activities at Lake Buyan

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Fishing platform
Fishing platform at Buyan Lake, Buleleng, Bali.

ONE of the famous freshwater fishing spots in Bali, Indonesia, is Lake Buyan, Pancasari, Buleleng. From Denpasar City, this location can be reached by car with traveling time of approximately 90 minutes.

This lake is adjacent to Lake Tamblingan. Before the pandemic, both lakes regularly hosted the annual Twin Lakes Festival. This event promotes agricultural activities, tourism and forest conservation. The other nearby lake is the Lake Beratan in Tabanan District.

There are times when the air here is very cold especially when it is foggy. Under normal weather, this natural condition usually occurs in the afternoon.

Among the three lakes located in this highland area, Lake Buyan is the largest with an area spreading across approximately ​​490 hectares and a depth of 89 meters.


One of the most favorite activities at this lake is freshwater fishing Bali. Visitors can fish at the verge of the lake or in the middle of it because local people has set a number of fishing platform. Thus, visitors can fish conveniently.

With an affordable rental price, visitors can already have brought fishing gear along with a small boat to sail to the fishing platform in the middle of the lake.

There, they can choose one of the platforms available. The water is quite tranquil. However, sometimes the wind comes that is a little bit strong and the chill is bone-chilling. So, try to wear thick jeans.

Other activities

Of course, visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the mountain ranges which are so amazing with the green scenery of the forest around it. Definitely, it can refresh the eyes after weeks of bustling activities.

Lakeside area is often taken advantage as campsite. If you happen to not bring camping equipment such as tents and equipment, many local residents are ready to rent them out complete with mattresses. Oh yes, if you need firewood to make a bonfire event, it is also available here. So the festive bonfire event will be more cheerful and memorable.

It is no less important to remember is to obey the regulations that apply in this area. Do not forget to keep it clean and don’t speak harsh words.


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