Undisan Village in Bangli Offers Great Cultural Potential

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gold and silver crafts
Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the RI, Sandiaga Uno, posed together with gold and silver craft sellers at Undisan Village, Bangli, not long ago. (Image: Kemenparekfraf)
  • UNDISAN is one of the tourism villages in Bangli which is included in the top 50 best tourism villages in the 2022 Indonesian Tourism Village Award (ADWI)
  • The existence of this tourism village is expected to be able to improve the economy of the surrounding community as well as preserve local culture

If you happen to travel in Bali, try stopping at the Undisan Tourism Village, Bangli. Recently, this tourism village was included in the top 50 best tourism villages in the 2022 Indonesian Tourism Village Award (ADWI)

This achievement is inseparable from the perfect combination of the efforts to preserve local culture and the potential of wonderful and cool nature. That’s why Undisan Tourism Village is able to offer tourism with high attractiveness.

The Undisan tourism village is still active in preserving several local cultural activities, including customary ceremonies, temple preservation, suba irrigation cooperative, cremation ceremonies, and preserving sacred dances.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, Sandiaga Uno, during a visit to the Undisan Tourism Village in Bangli some time ago, stated that the management of the Undisan Tourism Village is one of the best because it prioritizes community-based tourism that upholds indigenous communities.

He added that this tourist village is the best of the best where community-based tourism, indigenous communities are highly respected. In addition, the management also puts forward the principles of sustainable digitalization and is expected to be an inspiration for other tourist areas.

Supporting potential

The Undisan Tourism Village community in Tembuku District, Bangli, mostly work as farmers, breeders, and craftsmen of gold and silver flower crafts. This is what was then packaged very well by the manager of the Undisan Tourism Village.

In terms of accommodation and attractions, this tourism village has managed several homestays as well as tourist activities such as learning to dance in traditional costumes, culinary tours including cooking classes.

Goldsmith and silversmith

As mentioned above, the local people are very creative in doing gold and silver crafts. Indirectly, this activity supports an endeavor to preserve traditional ornamental arts used in customary rituals such as headdresses, kris dagger and the like.

In addition, there are also a series of accessory products that enhance the appearance in traditional attires such as earrings, brooches and the like.

Reference: wonderfulimage.id

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