Exploring Bali’s Rivers by Rafting

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Illustration of Rafting Adventure.
Illustration of Rafting Adventure Image: Rezawikan on Pixabay)

AFTER exploring various destinations and see cultural performances of Bali, you may want to experience the other side Bali has to offer. One of them is adventure like whitewater rafting. So, make your time to enjoy this wonderful adventure.

Each rafting provider company offers free transfer from hotel or villa to location and vice versa. Before starting the adventure, a well-trained and experienced guide or instructor will provide guidance to the rafting participants. He will introduce rafting equipment in use such as life jackets, paddles, inflatable boats and sitting positions on the boat. No less important is how to save yourself in case your boat overturns. In addition, the guide also explains other important matters related to the participants’ comfort and safety.

Each inflatable boat conveniently accommodates 4 or 6 people. Then, each boat will also be escorted by a guide having a wealth of experience in his field. Stopping at a certain point will give you the opportunity to take photos.

In Bali alone there are three whitewater rafting spots that qualify for this kind of adventure and they are interesting to explore. Respectively, each rapid offers different characteristics and attraction.

  • Ayung River at Payangan Village, Gianyar

With a route of approximately 12 km long, participants can take it within 2 hours. The challenging rapids and fresh river water will soothe the trip while enjoying the beauty along the path passed through. On one of the river walls, participants can also see Balinese carvings depicting Ramayana epic and enjoy a waterfall from the sidelines of the river wall.

  • Telaga Waja River at Muncan Village, Karangasem

Telaga Waja River offers a maximum sensation of adrenaline passion as far as 16 kilometers. With a travel time of about 3 hours, you will be pampered by the beautiful scenery while rafting on the Telaga Waja River. The swift and clear water flow is an added value for this spot, making it very suitable for rafting aficionados and pure adventurers. Uniquely, Telaga Waja has a cascade as high as almost 5 meters with an angle of about 50 degrees. In addition, the other obstacles in the form of rocks along the river are also a challenge.

  • Melangit River in Klungkung

The river channel route is around 7.5 km and can be traveled in approximately 2 hours. Along the path, participants will be spoiled by various kinds of tropical vegetation, the sound of birds as well as wild monkeys hanging on trees. In addition, there are also waterfalls and local community activities along the river.

After exploring through rapids, rafting participants will arrive at the final spot. All participants have been provided with a place to rest, change clothes and take a bath along with towels. When everything is okay after the adventure, participants are invited to enjoy buffet lunch. For further information, contact your travel agency.

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